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oisin  2023-09-29T22:12:29.768389+00:00 
This was beautiful, and obviously heartbreaking—thanks for sharing! S0 many interesting threads to pull on.
1. I think we should go to Lyon.
2. Reminded of the general battleground around components vs the whole (for example, I think the specific sounds when making a song are so important, but also know that a good artist can draw something amazing with a terrible crayon)
3. Also reminded me of this:
4. And the French necessity for lunch:
5. One engineer in me was writhing a little at the temperature additions, another was saying "hey if it works", and the third was curious to figure out what actual operation that would be.

Plenty more we can talk about in person! And this has also inspired me to add "like" and "repost" functionality here.
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