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oisin  2023-11-16T23:47:44.809387+00:00 
Nice—welcome to the site, I'll have to add a repost function! If you were to work on hardware what would you make?
Garry_Tiscovschi  2023-11-17T16:24:01.738338+00:00 
Obrigado. - VR kit for multiplayer games where the better your swords and armour get the more weight we add to your VR kit + a circular treadmill. Get jacked gaming with the homies.
Garry_Tiscovschi  2023-11-17T16:33:25.933699+00:00 
oisin  2023-11-18T20:38:13.329452+00:00 
Aw man big fan of the idea of importing / syncing real-world fitness with a game! That's a super cool idea. I'd probably go with either a neon-sign making machine/factory or a machine to solve physiotherapy.
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