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oisin  2024-01-11T01:29:55.201235+00:00 
Genentech seems like such an interesting company—if I recall, Tom McCarthy ( ) was given a good book on them from Laura Deming ( not yet on lynkmi ). Another great book seems to be "Billion Dollar Molecule"—recommended by two smart Irish gingers (Conor Igoe and Patrick Collison) [I really need to add tagging people to this]

The parallels to early element discovery is funny—just go in a mine and find stuff, just go to a forest and find stuff.

Would you consider getting into metascience? I think it's an interesting high-leverage area you could be great in. Would probably have some people for you to chat to you if so.
oisin  2024-01-19T15:18:42.426649+00:00 
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