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oisin  2023-11-21T21:46:16.143882+00:00 
This was excellent—like a much longer song exploder! Thanks for sharing. The bit about ideas over equipment was especially interesting and ties in with my second point on Tadhg’s post here:
Though interestingly contrasted with Sampha’s process (starts with new equipment) here:

Funnily enough I’m writing this in a gym that just played a song that was reinterpolating Chance’s “All Night” which is frankly much too recent to be doing that to. But his comment on sticking to the 60s and 70s might be better converted to a relative time difference than set decades.

Super inspiring listen for a fellow dabbler! Ólafur Arnalds gives similar inspiration (he keeps his music simple to match his skill) I think in the interview at the end of this incredible set
oisin  2023-12-05T22:02:37.262678+00:00 
Just finished the James Blake episode! So damn good, thanks again for sharing the podcast.
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