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cvigoe  2023-11-20T19:43:07.496717+00:00 
Not to be confused with:
oisin  2023-11-21T00:47:33.429384+00:00 
Ahh the deer, I reference that about once a month haha
cvigoe  2023-11-21T04:25:39.867585+00:00 
oisin  2023-11-22T01:20:23.917945+00:00 
What a beautiful thing! I'm writing this with one of the archived videos ( on in the background (though the visuals are hypnotising enough to be the foreground). Cyberarchaeology is such an interesting concept in general, so much is going to be lost and so much already is. I wonder if there will always be some cyclical nature to preservation—e.g. with photography we had film, early digital, then current digital with so much of the early digital stuff being lost or unusable due to low quality.

The comments on Youtube are one of my favourite aspects! It's probably the main reason I enjoy it for music discovery so much. It feels much more like a “place” than say Spotify.

From Pranav's thoughts (a gorgeous site!):
Makes me think of cats & boxes (aside: what a lovely ampersand), namely how you'll get them a nice toy and they'll prefer to hang out in the toy's box.
Does your usage of multiple follow on lynks here count as appropriation?
Also somewhat unrelated but the brief bit on music reminds me of some of my frustration with the lack of progress in music notation.
Also reminded of this thread on what makes software a tool vs a place: and think Pranav would like Omar Rizwan ( too (sadly I think Yoshiki has passed away)

Would love to have Pranav on lynkmi if he'd be interested in joining!

I have almost finished this background video, deer me later!
pkhadpe  2023-11-23T15:51:45.367368+00:00 
I have arrived! Like the cozy place you've built here :)

And curious to explore what it means to subscribe to only a part of someone's interests/identity. Almost forces you to reflect on the the extrinsic value of each social association. And at what point are the extrinsic benefits too many, and too intertwined for it to become intrinsic, inseparable from the person as a whole.
oisin  2023-11-25T00:19:48.877705+00:00 
Welcome! Glad you're finding it cosy—that's definitely the vibe I'm going for. Yeah I do plan on adding a "follow all" option soon as that's often what I want to do, and do think that for a lot of people the genre of things they are interested in is best described by their name.
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